BRASS, Electronics & Creativity Ltd.
Electronic engineering applied to 3D images and sculptures, three dimensional art, advertising and lighted 3D displays.

BRASS, Creatividad y Electrónica Ltda.
Ingeniería electrónica aplicada a imágenes y esculturas 3D, arte tridimensional, publicidad y letreros luminosos tridimensionales.
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Our company has developed revolutionary new systems for creating large scale, motion color three-dimensional images. Nowhere else in the World you will find anything like this.

Our Products:
Imagine an up to 4 meter lighted three-dimensional image, animated, floating in the air. You can see it over a 360 degree range. Within a virtual sphere, text, images, digital pictures and video with volume are displayed. Objects made of color light only!
click here for more pictures (full size) and technical data

3D Animated Floating Water Objects
Drops of colored water organize in the air to construct any shape imaginable: text, human figure, animals, any object can be rendered  with motion and color. Dimensions range from less than a meter to 10 x 10 m base by 3 m height.

click here for images and technical data (not available yet)



A flat electronic display that renders color moving 3D images. Similar to electronic lighted screens, but text and figures appear to be floating between the observer and the screen, or even beyond the screen itself. 

product in development phase, it will soon be available.



We Invent 3D Magic for your Visual Pleasure 

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